Month: May 2017

poem for my brother rip buddy-“Live”

In remembrance of my little brother. He had a hard battle and was a prisoner to addiction for many years. This is dedicated to him and what he would want. Live. Live as if there’s nothing left. Live it like it’s your life breath. Live, start now, this new head start. Live, you’re new, your brave, your smart. Live it for me I know you will. Live for me cause I can still see hear and feel. Live , follow your dreams they’re bright. Live, I’m rooting you on day and night. Live, like there’s no tomorrow.  Live  to...

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making an effective upper lower split with abs and stabilizer exercises added

upper/lower split starter kit 1. Start with an upper lower split using the 4 big lifts -squat deadlifts bench and overhead press. Start with 3-5 sets for each  pick a day for each one example.  Monday squat Tuesday bench Thursday deadlift Friday overhead press . For most programs these are based on 1 rep maxes. And people will typically use 90% of their 1rm to get a weight that’s manageable to develop from. 2. Add secondary lifts with the same intensity. (Rows , front squats, rdls,  pullups) all of these work stabilization on the eccentric movement of the big...

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Bringing up a lagging muscle group.

Trick to bring up lagging muscles. Lift them frequently and different rep ranges. Have you been trying to get a specific muscle to grow and you can’t seem to get it to? 1. Make sure you can feel the muscle work. Without making the mind to muscle connection,  you’re playing the lottery.  Some exercises you may not feel it working until you are using higher rep ranges. Another tip would be to stretch the ANTAGONISTIC muscle group. If your biceps are tight, you may not feel your triceps fire as hard. This is called reciprocal inhibition. Sometimes if the...

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